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Whether it’s after disaster strikes or just time for a remodel update, Best Cleaning Service & Restoration does the job right. We are a remodeling company you can trust.

We listen and advise you as to the best approach to restore or upgrade your living space or business. Our team understands that remodeling can be challenging for your family or business.  We are the experts at managing the restoration and remodeling process so you have the best experience possible, even during difficult times.

We are experts in home and commercial property damage restoration and prevention. Our team can remediate fire, wind, mold , or water damage, as well as other disasters. Our customers are homeowners, and businesses related to healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, and industrial locations.

Our job is to upgrade and restore the condition of your home or business and build a long-lasting relationship with you. We build our relationships through our hard work attention to quality and our passion to do the job right.

We work hard to earn your business and client satisfaction is our #1 goal!.

Restoration & Remodeling

It doesn't matter if it's a disaster or the best time for you to update and remodel your home or business. Give us a call.
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Remodeling Insight

Remodeling projects can cost more per square foot than do similar new home and business construction projects. This is due in part to increased labor charges related to tearing out old elements before a new construction project can begin. This means it's important to plan well to keep cost manageable.

Our experience indicates it's important to plan ahead, make product selections early to prevent delays. It's important to create a plan which clearly defines your remodeling goals.  What are your needs and wants for your renovation?  Proper planning will help keep your project on time and within budget.

Some home projects add more value to your home than others. For example, adding a new bathroom or finishing living space in the attic can raise your home’s value significantly. Other home and business projects, such as re-roofing and painting the outside of your house can also raise your home’s value. It's important to note that these projects just might create the curb appeal necessary to get buyers in the front door too.

Hire Best Cleaning & Restoration for home and business. We can guide you through the process to help you make the right decisions when remodeling your home.

Remodeling Ideas


Remodel Your West Branch Home

It's time to remodel your home. First, the question often comes up, where do you start?

There are many questions and options to consider. For Example,  why are you remodeling? What is the reason for your restoration? Do you plan to sell your home soon or is the remodel for your personal comfort or pleasure?

If you plan to move soon then consider remodeling your kitchen or bath. If it's for your comfort or more room, consider creating a family space in your basement. below is a list of remodeling considerations. If you have questions, give us a call!

Basement Remodel:
When you finish your West Branch home basement, it can add valuable square footage. Consider transforming your untapped space into your new favorite room.

Bathroom Remodel:
Remodel or add a bathroom to your home. There are many new convenience and space-saving features available for your new bathroom.

Kitchen Remodel:
Create the kitchen of your dreams with all the updates. Kitchens are one of the most used and valuable parts of our homes. So upgrading your kitchen is rarely a bad idea.

Closet Remodel: You may be running out of room. It's time to remodel or add new closets for better organization.

Additions: Sometimes remodeling includes adding on to your home with a sunroom or second floor with additional bedrooms and baths.